Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Year & New Sheets

Hello 2012! I must say after a somewhat cruddy 2011, I am looking forward to the year ahead. My interest in general retail is definitely waning, so it will be interesting to see what treasures pass through my hands this year. On my last op shop outing for 2011 I came across a full set of vintage 'Sheridan' sheets containing 2 Queen flat sheets & pillowcases. I always look out for old linen, but I have never come across a full sheet set that I actually wanted to buy. But the fab retro pattern & the combination of green & summery colours meant I snapped them up without much persuasion for a whole $6. I have them on our bed with my thrifted Queen size Nana rug, & a few embroidered pillow cases which were $1 & some patchwork cushions. How lucky am I that Mr P doesn't mind what he sleeps on! He even said how cool they looked when I made the bed. I also found a pair of old cushion covers & a tiny pair of old owls to add to my bird collection. And a gift for my fellow vintage bestie Miss J....which I can't show you here in case she reads this post!

I bought a Nana rug scarf  for $1 at an op shop & decided to hang it off the bed head. Hubby got a giggle when he came home & his eagle eye noticed another knitted Nana rug thing. I can't get anything past him!

Got to love an embroidered birdy pillowcase for $1.

I got a matching pair of these patchwork cushion covers in wonderful thick retro fabric. $2 for the pair.

This little patchwork cushion came from the Suitcase Rummage.

 Cute pair of cushion covers for $2.

Little old pair of owls for 50cents.


  1. Hey VBG what lovely buys my hubby doesnt comment on his bedding either arent we lucky?

  2. Wow that set is gorgeous and colourful! I love all the cushion covers.

  3. That sheet set is a score I love the pattern. I'm oing Little V's room soon and she is getting the whole mismatch intake floral thing. So looking forward to getting started.

  4. Snap I have the same pillowcase somewhere. Arent the colurs pretty.

    Love the bed, its looking gorgeous, and the crazy pillows were a fantastic buy at a great price.

  5. The bedding is gorgeous, such a pretty print. In fact your bed looks lovely, the cushions, blanket and especially the embroidered pillow case are all adorable. xxx

  6. Hi! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog :) I love your house it is full of vintage fabulousness. You have inspired me to search for some crochet or patchwork cushions :) Looking forward to future posts, Happy new year xxx

  7. I'll have to come op shopping with you one day, I never find anything and pretty much totally gave up on op shops years ago!

  8. LOVING those Sheridan sheets: one of my fave prints and the colourways is gorgeous!!

  9. Basically the bed of my dreams. Thanks for sharing the set up of your house. It is fascinating. Lovely to see how you organise all of your groovy things aswell. :)


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