Friday, 20 January 2012

Hawaii Five-0 Frock Friday

Thank you so much for your kind comments on the loss of my friend yesterday. We are still waiting to hear when the funeral will be. My delightful Mum took up the hem on my vintage Hawaiian dress that I found in a local op shop. I am forever giving her dresses to re-hem for me. I ventured out in her full skirt splendor for the first time today. Mr P kindly accompanied me to the Paddington Antique Center & my favourite Paddo vintage shops to bring me some vintage cheer. I did pick up a couple of new old frocks....just when I tell myself no more, the dresses call my a couple of accessories. Bad girl!

Not my best's the back of the frock (excuse the lily white untoned arms!).

I wore my red metal flower brooch & a little birdy brooch from Salvos.

Vintage beaded bag from Salvos.

Brooches & a red vintage costume jewellery ring. Wide Gold bangle from the Vintage Fabric Fair in Auckland.

Now onto the Paddington Antique Center

LOVE all those little drawers.

Very stylish lamp shade decorated with green buttons.

Taking a breather among the vintage delights.

Mr P checking out the frocks. Love it when he wears his vintage polo T from K-Road in Auckland....such a spunk!

This is where I found a lovely cotton frock on sale.

 A cabinet that opens up like mine that belonged to my Nana.

Such a pretty deer for a mere $1100. I love the antlers but don't think I could manage a face on my wall.

Love this little bird wall vase.

Delicious blue scales.

More birdy bits.

I love this visually pleasing.

Mr P & I both liked this old Elcon fan. Couldn't believe the price at $160!


  1. That bag is gorgeous and the frock fits you perfectly!

  2. That dress is beautiful, I love it. Your so lucky that your partner goes to the antique stores with you, I have to drag mine in and then we normally have a argument and I leave empty handed.

  3. Dresses call my name too even if they dont fit I seriously have a problem lol Dress looks great on you and I just love the bag and brooches.

  4. Dress looks so much nicer with hem taken up a smidge.
    Lots of gorgeous things at Paddo. That deer is awesome...and cheap I think x

  5. We've been seeing a lot of those mini metal sewing machines like you spied on that shelf but I don't know anything about them. I think I might have to end up getting one, they are so adorable!

  6. What a great frock! I am quite envious!

  7. You look so very pretty in that dress, I love the brooches you wore with it.
    That rack of dress has made my heart skip a beat, eeekkkk!
    I hope the wander looking at pretty things helped to distract you from the sadness for a moment.
    Love to you V

  8. Lovely dress and that beaded handbag is gorgeous. Those look like some fabulous antique and vintage shops. Stuffed to the gills, just the way I like them.

  9. gorgeous frock and love the bag and jewels, Peter Alexander is now doing the "faux" deer with flowers in their antlers for about $200!

  10. That is such a lovely dress, great print, and all your accessories are perfect with it.
    Oh I would love a browse among all those treasures... xxx

  11. Love the eclectic vintage displays. Looks like an exciting place to forage.

  12. Love your dress, looks fabulous :) I really want those pretty blue scales!! xx

  13. Those shops look like thifty heaven!

  14. love your dress so much...

    and i wanna go to this shop. yes,thrifty heaven!


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