Sunday, 29 January 2012

Great Minds Think Alike

So before things kind of went pear shaped in the past couple of weeks, with the loss of 2 dear friends & now my dicky heart causing me to be constantly horizontal, Mr P & I popped into the Woolloongabba Antique Center for a coffee & a sticky beak. My dear friend Jess popped in today with a meal & some delicious banana bread, & a little gift from the WAC. I had to smile when I opened it, only to find the lovely birdy salt & pepper shakers that I had photographed on my last visit (see below) but was yet to post. She knows me so well, & it was such a lovely & thoughtful surprise to brighten up another trying week. I'm off for a 24 hour heart test this week so we'll see if we can get to the bottom of this cardiac problem plaguing me at the moment! It's pretty funny that the thing I miss the most while being home bound is visiting my local op shops. Hopefully they'll be full of new treasures just waiting for my return.

Thanks to my dear friend Jen for the lovely flowers....and to Jess for the Japanese S&P shakers.

And now to our last visit to the WAC a few weeks back, & a coffee in the retro cafe.

A fantabulous little electric green clock for $65.

A vintage advertisment  for little old Brisbane.

The vintage Chanel store.

Here are the birdy S&P shakers that I photographed a few weeks ago.

This one is for Miss C.....similar to your Mum's set?

I really have a thing for old clocks.

 A board of brooches.

The wonderful Western Wac stall.

I'm very tempted by the Elcon fan. I love the pale blue colour.

Some anodised stuff.

A lovely array of frocks & goodies at the Miss Posh Poodle stall.

And a dumb waiter that reminded me of Kitty

And for those who got to the end of this post....I wore my vintage David Jones cotton dress with a little bolero & my Squirrel button necklace from Kellie Christie.


  1. Love the squirrel necklace and the painting in the background! Will be thinking of you for your test this week. Much love, Shi

  2. I love the Cafe at the WAC it's so cute. I hope everything goes well in your tests next week. I will keep my fingers, arms and legs crossed for you.

  3. The cafe at WAC is great so are all the booths, wishing you well for your tests this week x

  4. Hi hon, YES! that is just like mums Tea set gorgeous! thanks for posting that. I LOVE the green alarm clock too..we had a similar one in a creamy yellow colour. You look beautiful in the outfit too. I have been thinking of you lots n lots. I hope things go well this week. Love you,
    C xx

  5. yOU LOOK great in the green! What a lovely necklace!. So sorry to hear about the loss of your friends. SO tough. And your health issues too.. kia kaha as we say in NZ (be strong)

  6. What a lovely gift. Hope everything goes well with your tests!! x

  7. YESSS!!! You've changed your comments, yay!! Thanks for the link and mention, hope your health gets sorted (or at least diagnosed) soon. Thinking of you.xx.

  8. I am so sorry to hear you are unwell - I hope things start to get better soon.

    You look simply lovely in that pink frock and I love the necklace.

  9. That place looks lovely!! I hope you're ok x

  10. You look absolutely gorgeous in that sweet green dress! Just divine!

    All the very best for sorting out your health!


  11. Oh sweet my little heart is sending your little heart loving best wishes!!!! I hope the tests show what's happening.
    The birdie salt n pepper are just perfect, what a kind gift for a special lady.
    Take care
    Thinking of you
    V&W squirrels

  12. Thanks for finding my blog and following. I am following right back. You have some terrific shops in New Zealand. Nice to get peeks of places you've been on the retro hunt. Rest, take care of you. Greetings from Canada.

  13. Hope you are up and about and feeling healthy soon.
    You look fabulous in that green frock. All those treasures look so tempting.
    Chin up, thinking of you. xxxxxx

  14. Hope you were able to rest well today. I changed the New Zealand to Australia right away.


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