Thursday, 5 January 2012

French Frock Doesn't Fit

I bought a couple of frocks on Ebay before Christmas, one from France & one from the USA. The USA one fits perfectly & I can't wait to wear it. But the one from France was described as a size 14, with no measurements (silly me to put a bid on before checking), & of course that means a vintage 14 which is more like a size 8-10. I really love the fabric & the cut, but alas I cannot get the buttons done up. I wanted to offer it for sale to anyone who reads my blog, before I list it for sale elsewhere.

It's French vintage, & it looks like it's never been worn. The fabric is so crisp & the colours so bright. It's a cotton fabric with a criss cross design in the fabric, with a navy background & green & orange flowers. It buttons up the front, has 2 pockets at the hips & a fabric tie belt. I'm asking $20 for it with $5.50 postage in Australia. Measurements laying flat are....
Bust 45cm
Waist 41cms
Hips 50cms
Length 107cms

Boohoo if only it fit....I know just what would go with it so well. My vintage navy 'Footrest' heels, & a tooled bag & wallet. Oh & how funny is it that I have a Nana rug that would match it pretty well too!

Nana rug thrifted a while back for $2, with a tooled leather wallet & vintage shoes.


  1. What a shame it doesn't fit, it's gorgeous! The good thing about op shopping is you learn to judge your size without trying things on. It doesn't work for online purchases though sadly. I hope somebody scoops it up!

  2. I would love to buy this dress from you if nobody else has got in first!

  3. You are the first one to say so Madeline so I would love it to be yours. It really is a fab frock!

  4. Lucky Madeline she beat me. Its such a lovely dress I love the print.

  5. Oh if only i saw this earlier. Love it, green is my most favourite colour. If there are any changes in heart with the dress and interesed parties, please let me know I would be interested too.....will need to double check measurements though.

  6. I was going to say "me please" but was too late. Drats! Gorgeous dress.

  7. If the sale doesn't go through with Madeline I'll let you lovely ladies know. I could definitely see My Vintage Vow rocking this frock!

  8. Well it wouldn't fit me either, but oh it is lovely! Gorgeous print and colours. It annoys me when Ebay sellers don't list measurements, especially for vintage clothes where the sizing is all over the place. Never mind, whoever gets it will LOVE it, I'm sure.
    Great bag too.
    Can we see your American dress soon please? xx

  9. Oh my and Bugger! That dress is so beautiful. I'd be rather annoyed that it didnt fit! I hope it goes to a very appreciative new owner!!! Damn I wish I was a waif at times like these - I'd have liked to snaffle it up myself!!


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