Sunday, 8 January 2012

Bring Back the Brooch

In the past I have kept my collection of brooches hidden away, thinking they were old Lady-ish. But in the past year I have been inspired to 'bring back the brooch'. Miss Vanessa from Two Squirrels has had a hand in that because she wears a brooch so well. Sweet Caroline over at Things I Do blogged about her brooch collection as well. Here is some of my ever expanding brooch collection, which I am really enjoying wearing these days. I have a retro shadow box on my bedroom wall which I scored at a local oppy for just $2, & the volunteer thought it was a bit too pricy at that! If only she knew they sell for over $40 at the Brissy antique stores!

My $2 shadow box :)

Below is the same shadow box at the Woolloongabba Antique Store for a mere $44!

Above is some of the more blingy brooches, & most of those are very old.

This one belonged to my Aunty Glad. Don't you just love that name?

One from my Mum.

The 5 above are from my Hubby's Mum & Grandma.

Another one of my Mum's with purple crystals.

The more kitsch collection.

Yes the bird is the word in brooches.

The wooden grey birdy above is by Each to Own

The silver bird is vintage Sarah Coventry.

 A $2 Salvos purchase above.

And a girl can never have too much green.

2 metal flower brooches that I had as a child....they are pretty big.

Some handmade button style brooches.

My Miss J deer antler brooch & Kellie Cristie deer brooch.

Thrifted gold & tapestry brooch $4 & a couple more from my Mum.

This brooch & ring set is very old but I don't know who's it was.

An old painted wooden brooch.


  1. Awesome collection I love the kitsch ones and I also love a little Sarah Coventry action.

  2. I love that shadow box and I love it even more because you picked it up for $2!

    I have a real soft spot for brooches of any type, I am always looking for more too. A girl can never have enough brooches I feel.

    Whilst all the glittery ones you have a fabulous - I have to admit the bird brooches are my favourites. But I have a soft spot for birds too:)

  3. My favourites are definitely the kitsch collection and the flowers from your childhood! Good score on the shadow box.

  4. Love your brooches & the shadow box; I am behind you 100% on the brooch bring-back campaign!

    I keep mine pinned on an embroidery hoop with vintage fabric stretched in it; cute & functional.

  5. Love your collection they are all so beautiful. Also love your $2 bargain to store them in.

  6. Oh well done! That shadow box is a briliant idea for showing them off! You have such a wonderful, eclectic collction...I am glad I played a small part in bringing back the 'old lady-ish' brooches in your collection to a prime display! Love xxx

  7. Lovely pieces and what a great score on the shadow box

  8. I think the final one is my favourite. Great display idea! I need to get on and display my brooches or I'll never wear them!

  9. I love love love them all! And your display box looks wonderful. I have a fair few but not as great as yours... Oh no - brooch envy! xxxx

  10. I love vintage brooches! They add class to any outfit! I inherited a quite huge collection from my grandmother so think displaying them like that is great, may have to find me one of them! I have a vintage wotknot holding my whimsey collection so I love a bit of retro-ness!

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  11. I love shadow boxes! I think they make everything look more beautiful.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  12. Hey sweet!!!! Yip I do love a good brooch!!!! Your collection is gorgeous, I love so many!!!!
    The display is perfect. Thank you for the link!!!
    Sending a big furry squirrel hug, oh with a brooch on top!!!
    Love v

  13. perfect way to display brooches- I love it- I have several shadow boxes some from when I was a little girl.

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