Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Betty's Beauties Part 3....Jim's Tins & Things

This is a collection of tins & things that belonged to Betty's husband Jim. I'm so glad I got the chance to salvage some things before it all got cleared out! It means so much more that it came from someone who has been such a special friend to me....despite our age difference!

Jimmy's original school mathematics instrument set from the 30's.

Jim's wooden school pencil case from the 30's.

 Another tin for the collection.

A wonderful old wooden Japanese box complete with lock & key & a bird on top....divine!

Filled with interesting old things.

And some old collector cards.

A London make Rubber Stamp pad tin.

A very early medicinal tin of Seidlitz Powders...kind of like bakers powder by O & E Morton in England.

 But to my delight there was a treasure trove inside of old pins, coins & war time buttons plus a funny little looking glass.


  1. Love it all, especially the little bits and bobs.

  2. Beautiful! I love all the old bits and pieces, the Japanese Box is my absolute favourite!

  3. All of those tins and bits of bots , I am in heaven just looking at the pictures.

  4. Oh I just love looking at theses fabulous treasure boxes!!! The box with the bird is beautiful and has gone to the perfect person.
    I wore the dress you sent and will be showing it tomorrow, are you ok if I link to your blog? Hope the wee special present has made it to you.
    Love V

    1. Oh Squeak!!!! I can't wait to see the frock on you Miss V. Oh course a link would be an honor! Nothing has arrived in the mail as yet but I will keep my birdy eyes peeled! Love. Xx

  5. So much loveliness in one post. Nice to see vintage with a masculine edge too.
    It must be an honour for you to be chosen as the caretaker of Jim's special things.

  6. How wonderful is it you can love all those pieces.

  7. What a lovely bunch of tins for your collection! Those pins are lovely I'm glad you saved them.

  8. Vintage tins and boxes never fail to delight me - especially if they contain interesting things! What a fascinating collection. xxx

  9. that mathmatics tin is so cool! i love seeing little collections that belonged to other people.

  10. Love those old tins. Especially the goodies inside.


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