Sunday, 15 January 2012

Betty's Beauties Part 1....History

I spent yesterday with a dear old friend Betty & her son Dave. I have known Betty since I was a little girl through our church, & over the past 15 or more years we have become close friends. Betty was born in 1932 & she lived a pretty tough life, but she is one of the most beautiful people I know. She has a twin sister who is a missionary in Venezuela to this day & Joan will not likely ever make it home to Australia again due to her failing health. When Betty moved from her unit into hostel care she passed onto me a few of her treasures. Now her husband is going into care too due to dementia, so I was invited to come & take any household goods before they clear out the unit for good. I must say it was a good day, tinged with sadness, looking at these things with so much history, & hearing the stories that go with them. I really felt spoiled coming home with so many treasures, but to their only son Dave (who is not so sentimental) most of this stuff is just junk & would have been chucked out anyway. This is part 1 of  Betty's things.

Here are the twins when they were 2 years old in 1934....Betty & Joan in an original ornate curved glass frame which are so beautiful & in wonderful condition. Betty was really touched that I wanted to keep them. It nearly made me cry when she kissed the photo of her twin goodbye. How could you ever throw that out?! I somehow found a space for it on a wall.

And here are the twins when they were 4 years old...the colour of the photos have been painted...I wish I could get a better photo of the detail.

A photograph of Betty's mum Lily.

 Betty's Father Dick Eley & her twin sister Joan have both written books about their adventures.

Here is Joan's (Betty's twin sister) little suitcase from long ago.

A little hand knitted blanket.

 This is a very old arts & crafts style magazine rack.

Vintage oriental fan.

A funny old pink bendy lamp.

 I love the colour of this shabby old chair, stamped by a European residing in our bedroom.

A corner wot not (or however you choose to spell it!) that I was going to get rid of but then thought twice about it & decided it might work in our bedroom.

I'll have more to show & tell tomorrow!


  1. I'm surprised she didn't want to keep the pictures! They are gorgeous, how nice for her to pass them on to someone who will appreciate them.

  2. Oh, that breaks my heart that these items would have been thrown away, so lovely that you are able to cherish them. The frames with the original curved glass are becoming harder to find these day too. Looking forward to seeing more, Tam x

  3. Oh such beautiful things but what a sad way to receive them. You must mean a lot to Betty for her to give you these items. The photos of the twins are precious and I cant belive the Son didn t want them.

  4. What a lovely post Ms BirdGirl, very touching. Betty couldn't have found a better person to give her treasures too.

  5. O,that has made me rather teary...that'll be me one day....
    I adore those first two pictures,so beautiful!So vital!I'ms o pleased you are going to love these things.Must have made Betty's day.

  6. Reading this post was really touching, I am so glad you're going to keep some of Betty's things.

    Also that bit where she kissed her sister goodbye, how sad. She must be so happy her special things are going to a good home xoxo

  7. That's amazing! What a beautiful lady...and she has given her treasures to another beautiful lady!

  8. How wonderful to get all those treasures and I adore the pics of the twins.Love the lamp my mum has one very similar.Did Joan make that knitted rug?

  9. those pictures of betty and joan are so beautiful! how sad that her son didn't want them. i've been taking stuff that belongs to my husband's grandmother because she is moving into a smaller house and can't take everything. she even gave me her mother's wedding ring to wear because she would rather someone use it than it get thrown away when she dies. it makes me a little teary to think of betty kissing her twin's picture goodbye!

  10. Ah wow this is such an amazing post! Such beautiful things, and the story behind them is so sad and touching, her kissing the photo of her twin goodbye made me tear up. It's so so lovely to know that these lovely old things are going to a new home where you'll love them and look after them.

  11. can i be friends with betty? i'd just spend hours at hers looking through the treasures!!

    m x

  12. Those photos are precious. Makes me glad that they are with someone who knows the story and will care for them.


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