Thursday, 1 December 2011

A Successful Ebay Day

I am very happy to report that I made some good sales on Ebay tonight. Funny how certain items go for good prices while you can barely give away others. I bought this striped green dress at a wonderful local op shop that is attached to a nursing home....always worth a look as it has a steady supply of Nana donations. I paid $1 for it & sold it for $20 so I'm pretty pleased with that. I won't make it rich on ebay, but it's a fun hobby to have, & I also get to indulge my favourite passion....op shopping!


  1. Such a sweet frock. Perfect for Summer. Love the detail of the pockets and buttons and minty colour. Well done on snapping it up and making a (wonderful) profit.

  2. Something very odd happened at the last Suitcase Rummage...I randomly ran into the girl who bought this dress on ebay as she was wearing it (small world). And I must say it looked super cute on her!


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