Monday, 19 December 2011

Spoon Rack Solution

I must admit that I have a problem. A problem with jewellery. Yes I think I am addicted to accessories. It's become almost embarrassing when friends see my collection. They always seem to say that I have enough to fill a store. I think I have so much because I rarely throw any jewellery away, so I have many pieces from my childhood. And of course I continue to receive jewellery as presents, & I am still tempted to buy more myself! The one issue with so much jewellery is how to store it. I find that when I put it away out of sight I tend to forget about it & don't wear it. I've seen a few spoon racks at my local op shops & I was wondering what I could do with one as I don't collect spoons. Then I thought a spoon rack might look good with necklaces & bracelets hanging from it. So I found a suitable sized spoon rack for $3 at an op shop & filled it with a selection of my necklaces etc, & it has been great for selecting what to wear with what outfit. I think I could do with a couple more but I am starting to run out of wall space!

There seems to be a green/birdy theme happening surprise there!

That's my beautiful Mum when she was a teenager cuddling a koala.

A bowl of rings & brooches.

The green rose thing is a vintage candle holder, but the petals make a good hanging spot for my vintage bracelets.


  1. Gosh look at all that treasure .....



  2. OMG! As far as jewellery goes I have a pearl ring (18th birthday), string of pearls (21st), two rings (that includes my wedding ring!) and a couple of bangles...looks like I've got some catching up to do. I've requested a Dinosaur Designs bangle for Christmas so that's a start x

    ps I love that pic of your Mum

  3. I don't think you have a problem at all. You have an amazing collection. Being a collector is quite different. Trust me. I am a collector as well! Love all the colours and patterns.

  4. Wow! You are worse than I am! Yay! Love the spoon rack idea...I need one of those too! You have inspired a jewelry related post on things I do...keep your eyes open! I think we were separated at birth!

  5. Wow you sound like me! I love buying jewellery but I never get around to wearing it as much as I should. The spoon rack is a clever idea. Mine are hanging from a fabric covered canvas.

  6. I love seeing your treasures hon! But oops, I think I may be an 'enabler'! ;P I think I may have contributed to some of that treasure! I agree though, when you can't see it you can tend to forget it when deciding on what to wear. Spoon Rack is very inventive/creative. Chelle x

  7. Yes have definitely contributed to the collection. An enabler you may be but I love you for it! You've got a pretty good collection too I must say. Xx


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