Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Sisters Suitcase

I spent the day with my lovely nephew & niece today. They are growing up so fast & they soon won't be interested in spending time with their old Aunty! So this post is in honour of my dear sister (who isn't a pack rat like me!). This was her school bag back in 1976. I love all the stickers & things she had on the little port, especially the ABBA name badge. My sister was a huge ABBA fan as a child & she had a fab little T-shirt that got worn to death. Pity we didn't keep that....but at least I didn't throw out this little piece of family history. We used to always fight over which ABBA singer we were, & being the oldest & the blondest, my sister always seemed to win that fight which meant I ended up being Frida while she was the glamorous Agnetha!

I've kept a few treasures from my childhood stored in this suitcase. The cards above are from my Nana & my Mum. Mum gave me the birdy card on my first sleepover at a friends place when I was about 5 or very sweet of her to make such an occasion of my first night away.

I found my old Snoopy & Peanuts view master films, but it is driving me nuts not knowing where I put the actual view master machine. I also kept the original Top Gun movie poster & brochure from 1986. I felt so cool going into the city to see that movie in Grade 7 without my parents! Those were the days :)


  1. Hi VBG Nelly here cant see it costing more than $10 reckon it would be $12.50 at the most but doubt even that much and yes the viewmaster is inside as is a pack of the slide thingies.Will find out postage asap and let you know.

  2. Finally got around to following you and reading this post.How neat are you with all those bits of history Mine is scattered all over (yes I am sooo disorganised.Bet when you buy a viewmaster you will find yours lol always happens to me.xx

  3. This is a really sweet idea. I love the collection of childhood things.
    Thanks for all the lovely bloggy comments. :)

  4. Ok will make sure its only $8.50.Oh and if you email me at I will send you my PP email xx


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