Thursday, 29 December 2011

New Old Side Table

I've been looking for an interesting side table for ages, to replace my dull 4 legged side table. I recently purchased this quirky old table off Ebay for $25. I wanted something with a bit of storage, & yet different from my potty cupboard. This has a cute shelf area & a few drawers which will come in handy. It's a bit on the shabby side but I kind of like it. I especially love the funny old original drawer handles. Not sure if the caster legs are a more recent addition to the table.

Here's a few of the things I keep on the shelf.

One of my Mum's original Schoolgirls Annual books.

Mr P's vintage jigsaw puzzle. He loved the locomotive picture.

Mr P's original space invaders game in the days before Donkey Kong.


  1. It fits in great with the space. Love the space invaders game!

  2. I love it! What a fantastic find... Will you be going to suitcase rummage on Sunday? Would love to meet you there! Love xxx

  3. Loving that missile invaders game!

  4. such a cute and handy table :)

  5. Oohh, great little cupboard. I like the shabby style too. I am pretty sure my MR would love the old school space invaders too!

    Wishing you a great New Years too and an even better 2012.

    ps. suitcase rummage sounds interesting.


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