Thursday, 15 December 2011

My Inspiration

I took a few photos of my friend Miss J's house when we were there for dinner the other night. I think it's the kind of house that should be featured in 'Real Living' magazine. Jess should be the one doing a blog, as she is a treasure hunting Queen, but she just wouldn't have the time. Jess has always had a flair for decorating, & she seems to have a knack of knowing what the next big thing in vintage decor will be. If only I had a bigger house to display things in, & the space for more treasure, but for now I will bask in the vintage wonder at my dear friends house & continue to dream!

Jess was onto the tripod lamp idea before it went viral! The painting is by a local Queensland artist David Scott.

SUCH a pity I couldn't bring the real deer antlers home for her from New Zealand. You can see she would have loved a real set. Mr Plywood Deer will have to do for now.

A very comfortable vintage rocker chair in orange.

An original Sydney bus roll bought years ago when they were going unaffordable now!

I like the red chair....reminds me of my childhood days at Sunday School.

Every nook & cranny of the kitchen has something interesting going on.

Another David Scott painting.

 The genuine cow hide rug found at a garage sale.

An old egg separator machine...& a birdy painting like mine.

Loving the lamp & the storage crates in the bedroom.

Making use of an old sideboard.

Jess found those filing drawers before everyone else caught on.

The clever girl even made her first quilt in greens & orange.

Another piece of art by my friend.

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  1. Sooooo many gorgeous things. I really like the plywood dear (I've got a cardboard one!). xx


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