Monday, 5 December 2011

Kerbside Cleanup Scavenge

My husband would have died of embarrassment to see me pulled over on the side of a main road during a local kerbside cleanup. I spotted junk which could turn out to be treasure, so the temptation to take a closer look was far too great. Unfortunately time didn't permit me to circle all the streets, but I did take home a few things that grabbed my attention as I was driving past.

I picked up this little table with pretty legs....the wood looks a bit like silky oak but I can't say for sure. I thought it would make a nice display table for some of my tins & suitcases.

You'll either love or hate this one....some original 1970's string art. It was pretty filthy to start with & still needs more of a clean up, but when I caught a glimpse of the green bird when I was zooming past, I just had to do a U-turn to have a closer look. The frame is HUGE & very heavy, hence I have it sitting on a shelf as I'm worried it's too heavy to hang on the wall. Ugly but I kind of like it! I also scored a big, old suitcase which really needs a good scrub.


  1. Hey there!..I could just see you spotting that green bird sitting amongst the bits and pieces on the footpath, and having to go back for a closer look! lol..But you know, I love it too!..very cute and quirky.

    Chelle xx

  2. Love the retro string art.
    I was very good this year and resisted the many temptations dumped on the side of the road during our council clean-up. Surprised myself at how good I was actually...

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