Wednesday, 21 December 2011

I've Got the Blues

Here's a few more dresses from the massive op shop haul that will all be up for sale in the new year. The blue & white spotty dress is as light as air. It has a gathered waist with the sweetest fabric belt, with a little blue shell like buckle detail. It has an interesting neckline as well. It's a size 12-14 by 'Stitches Plus Gold Label'. Needs to be worn with a slip unless you like walking around half naked!

I like the blue & white pattern of this one. It gathers at the waist with a red tie sash. Again it's a size 12-14 by the Australian label 'Traces'.

This is a simple cotton button up dress in blue & white stripes, with contrasting striped pockets & a fabric tie belt. It's a size 10 by 'Denoble' of Melbourne.

This cute dress is from England, in nice poly fabric in navy & white with pink flowers. It's around a size 14.


  1. Love love love the first one!! Save it for me please!! Xx

  2. No problem's all yours. Xx

  3. Woohoo! Thanks so much! PS check out the blog...heaps of stuff appearing, including today's massive haul from a small local op shop! Love xxx

    PPS make sure to tell me how much etc for the dress! Thanks!

  4. They're all so lovely! That dotty one is so pretty!

  5. EEEEKKK sweet I just love the second one!!!! I am able to ask a price and more details please??? Love Vanessa

  6. Oh Vanessa I would be more then happy for the second dress to be yours. I will email you with further details about it. Xx


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