Saturday, 3 December 2011

Garage Sale Goodies

Today I popped out to a local garage sale. I find garage sales so hit & miss. I wish someone could do the legwork for me & tell me which ones have fabulous treasure, not just trash. I picked up this little 'whatnot' shelf for $2. I love having different ways to display things. I've filled it with some old tools, my childhood harmonica & wooden dolls. The wooden box at the front is a cigar box with 2 lovely budgies on the front.
                                Old + budgies = made for me!


  1. Your *whatnot* shelf is called a shadow box, they were huge in the 50s and 60s. Which area did you go to??

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  3. I've got the same shadow box but it's previous owner painted the little shelves that lovely 50's eau de nil green. It used to hang in the kitchen with our little herb and spice canisters stored on it. Can't wait to hang it up again when our new kitchen's renovated.

  4. I was thinking of painting it green too, like the one you painted for your daughters room with the little trinkets on it...when I saw that I was inspired!


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