Friday, 23 December 2011

Frock Friday

Before I begin this post, I wanted to say our thoughts & prayers are with all of those who are enduring another difficult day in Christchurch after yet another earthquake. Christchurch is one of our all time favourite places, & it is so sad to see the people of that beautiful city suffer so much. Here's a couple of my photos from our past trips to Christchurch. Sad to say these buildings are no longer standing.

 Frock Friday is fairly convenient for me as it is usually my husbands day off work, & instead of hanging around home we usually like to go out. What better excuse to frock up! Mr P & I went out for a few last minute Christmas errands today, & we dropped into a new-ish vintage store on Logan Road at Greenslopes in Brisbane. It's called Can You Keep a Secret? It has a great collection of vintage clothing all at very reasonable prices. Frocks priced from $25 dollars, & a room of vintage for the men as well. It's in an old Queenslander house, & each room is set up to look like home, with fabulous furniture & kitsch nick nacks.

Today I wore a vintage maxi dress that I purchased from the last Suitcase Rummage for $5. I wore it to an event the other night, &  I did get a couple of funny comments. The one that stands out was "It's great that you don't care what anyone else thinks", which seemed a bit odd to me. As if to say most people would think I look ridiculous! Not to sure if it was meant to be a compliment or not! Oh well I guess not everyone loves the vintage look, but I sure do!

Accessories for the floral vintage look ring from Target. Vintage Sarah Coventry silver bracelet. Handmade fabric brooch from Etsy.

The brand is the 'Design Room' by the House of Lucas.

Out the front of Can You Keep a Secret?

Step away from the polyester.

This one made me think of the lovely Miss Vanessa from Two Squirrels

I LOVE the little budgie tin on the second top shelf in the cafe section.

Love the bendy lamp a bit like mine.

Mr P checking out some vintage shirts. He ALMOST bought a salmon coloured T-shirt. Hehe

They have a furniture section underneath the house.


  1. You look beautiful in that gorgeous pretty dress. That comment was obviously made by a person with:
    a) very little style or
    b) a touch of the old green-eyed monster!

  2. That bitch was jealous of you I reckon, and too scared to make a statement like you did in that awesome maxi.
    Must check out that shop, it's right near me, thx for the tip.xx.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. That person obviously didn't know what they were talking about that frock is fabulous! It's so cheerful. That shop looks delightful, I even spotted mushroom canisters my favourite!

  5. Some people are so rude! The frock is gorgeous. Fabulous accessories too :)

  6. Clearly it was a compliment! You look lovely! I am so going to check out that shop too! Love xxx

  7. I don't think I have ever seen such a nice vintage maxi.


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