Friday, 30 December 2011

Final Frock Friday for 2011

For my final Frock Friday of the year I wore my new Ebay purchase for the first time. I was pretty excited about this dress because it was one of those rare vintage pieces that had never been worn before, with the original tags still on, & the original smell lingering too if you know what I mean! The brand is "Finlaw" & it is made of the cutting edge fabric "T-Lon"....triacetate & nylon, which is supposed to be wash & wear. I like the black & white geometric print, & I was so very happy that it is the perfect fit too. I can't believe I only paid $1.29 for it. I almost felt bad about paying so little for it. But good for me no one else was bidding on this one I guess! Thanks for your support during the first couple of months of my blog, it's been a lot of fun for me, especially after a pretty difficult year for my family. Here's hoping 2012 brings many wonderful moments & blessings for us all. Love. Xx

I teamed it with a vintage Sarah Coventry ring & my vintage typewriter bracelet. Plus my Kellie Cristie deer brooch....a bit hard to see amongst all the black & white!

My thrifted 'Footrest' T-bar heels.

Yipee for the original tag!!!


  1. Awesome score, especially with it never being worn before. I love Sarah Conventry, I have an inherited rose cameo brooch that is dear to me.

  2. I love finding dresses with the original tags. I actually get sad when I have to remove them wash it. I love the black and white print, it was a real bargain.

  3. Tha pattern rocks what a great find.Happy 2012 to you miss birdy xx

  4. Yes nelly is right, we shall have to call you Birdy now :)

    I'm usually in the shop Wednesdays and Thursdays (but not this coming Thursday) and we give blogger discounts.

    Looks like you've got some great retro stuff on that cabinet!

  5. What a gorgeous dress and it fits you perfectly.

    Wishing you a wonderful New Year and a year full of happiness, good health and all things wonderful, Tam x


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