Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Christmas Comes Early

We had our annual Christmas dinner last night at my friends Jess' place. We've been fab friends since our teens...about 23 years now. I remember one of my very first op shop purchases with her back in the 80's...a pair of Levis. Seemed so cool at the time! Last night we had a lovely meal of macadamia encrusted salmon & salad,  & brownies for dessert. I am such a sweet tooth!  Present time is always exciting, as I love buying things for Jess & she knows my tastes so well too. This is how she wrapped the vintage storybook paper.

I was thoroughly spoiled with all of these goodies!

A deer brooch....Hehe Jess is the only person who shares my deer obsession!

A sweet Fossil bracelet with the cutest Cuckoo Clock charm.

A Revlon gift pack.

And the cutest kitsch owl tray.

Today I had the pleasure of catching up with another lovely friend who spoiled me with some wonderful Christmas gifts. I couldn't believe that she got me this Sarah Coventry ring in my favourite! It's something I've seen on Ebay but had never purchased. Thank you Chelle-Belle.


  1. Gorgeous! I love the deer brooch, I have a deer ring very similar. The owls are very cute too. Tam x

  2. Love the deer brooch and owl dish too.

    Found you via Kitty's blog and have just had a good rummage through your posts. Love your collection of tins and suitcases.

  3. Hello there!!!
    Thank you for visiting my blog,I am thrilled ot meet you!
    And even more thrilled by your glorious treats!!!Spoilt!
    I'm also thrilled by your Miss Molly frocks!I have a few frocks with names in them,it's kinda sad,but very sweet!XXX

  4. Thanks so much for your support Helga & Loo! Means the world to me to have bloggers like you reading my little blog. Blessings Xx


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