Wednesday, 23 November 2011

The Adventures of the Deer Antlers

I had been eying off Deer Antlers in various Antique stores & knew that I would love to have some myself. During our 2011 holiday to New Zealand, Mr P & I spent a night at a working farm on the South Island. We had a wonderful night in a cute cottage, & the next day our farm host took us for a tour of the farm while he fed the sheep & cattle. On our return he showed us the deer antlers he had collected. Feral deer are a pest in New Zealand, so he had quite a few antler trophy's from his hunting adventures. The farmer graciously offered us a pair, & then two, as I had hopes of bringing the second pair home for my girlfriend whom I knew would treasure them as much as me. It was certainly my most exciting souvenir from New Zealand, but the worry now was how to bring them back to Australia. We tried boiling the skull, but the gunk still wouldn't come off, & now the house smelt like chops! So my hubby labored with great difficulty, sawing through the skull. We brought the 4 antlers home in our suitcases, & after declaring them to customs & having them inspected we got one set through, as the other set weren't quite clean enough. I searched high & low for a plaque to screw the antlers into, & I found a lovely old carved one at my local op shop. With my Dad's help drilling, we finally got the antlers mounted. Now they sit in all their glory in our home. They are valued at $300, but they truly were one of the best gifts I've ever received....& I have no plans to sell them as they are priceless to me!

       The Farm

                 Farmer Allen with his biggest trophy.

                  My most exciting souvenir of the trip!

                Boiling the antlers.....all I can smell is chops!

My hubby gets down & dirty sawing the skull off the antlers in the hopes customs would allow them home.

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