Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Birdy Painting

One of my dearest friends gave me this painting last Christmas. Miss J is such a talented artist & she shares my passion for all things vintage. It's great to have a girlfriend who will join me on my op shop trawls...the only problem is we are always drawn to the same thing, so it can be a race to spot the treasure first!

Monday, 28 November 2011

Tooled Bag Trio

I think one of the worst things about writing a blog about my collections is the fact that my friends will now be aware of just how much stuff I have.....& that could get embarrassing! Hehe.
I have had a few tooled leather handbags along the way, which have been sold on to fellow devotees. For the moment these are the 3 that are currently on rotation, although I don't use them everyday because I am a BIG handbag kind of girl, & these beauties just aren't quite BIG enough for all the stuff I carry around all the time.

This one would have to be my favourite. It's very big for a tooled bag, I've never seen another one this large. The only issue with that is it gets very heavy! The leather is so thick & the tooled flowers are lovely. It's still in perfect condition. I got this one on ebay for only $10 which really seemed like a steal!

This is the second largest. I like the little pocket that sits under the flap on the front for extra storage. The colour is a perfect tan & it has a nice plaited shoulder strap.

This was my latest tooled find from a local op shop for $6. It's slightly smaller (to me anyway...but my sister would consider it big!), & it has a lovely lock clasp detail on the front. The tooled detail is really pretty & again in new condition. I think that's the beauty of a good tooled handbag....they seem to get better with age.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Collectorama Fair

My hubby & I ventured to the Brisbane Collectorama Fair this weekend. It consisted of lots of sellers mainly from the Sunshine Coast. I must say it was all a bit too fancy pants antique for my liking, but it was still plenty of fun. My only purchase was a vintage gold bangle with pretty flowers on it. The biggest highlight for me was meeting Claudia Chan-Shaw from the TV show 'Collectors' on the ABC. She was delightful....although I felt like a giant standing next to her :)

I spotted this original green telephone at $795! Oh how I would love a green one....but at that price my grey & beige dial phones will have to do!

I wore an original vintage cotton maxi dress that I bought from a dingy op shop for $15. I love the bright fabric & the original metal zipper. Being cotton it is very cool in summer & easy to wear. I teamed it with some green beads & a cute tapestry brooch & a tooled leather handbag.

               The dingy op shop dress for $15.

                Thrifted beads & brooch.

                   The tapestry brooch in detail.

                   My gold bracelet from the Collectorama Fair.

Friday, 25 November 2011

Hot & Humid

It's not officially summer yet but this Queensland heat is already getting to me. So hot & humid. It really is the enemy of vintage dressing, as I feel like I'm about to combust in my polyester Nana frocks! Oh to be able to wear nice vintage coats, but I really do live in the wrong place for that. My hubby & I say that when we retire we might move somewhere cold....maybe to our beloved New Zealand or Tassy. But will I still be wearing Nana frocks when I am a real Nana??? Anyway, in honor of the heat, this post is about our retro fan, given to us by our friend Leon. He had it when he was a boy, & it still works after all these years. It's a Revelair & I think it dates back to the early 1970's.  I'd still love a really old fan, so I'm keeping my eye out for a blue or green one. I may as well try keeping cool in vintage style!

Thursday, 24 November 2011

The Bird is the Word

I found these cute kitsch birdy glasses at my local Salvos. At $1 each I couldn't say no. Anyone who knows me knows the bird is the word in our house. I think it all started when I got my first budgie back in 1994. I've had a soft spot for feathered friends ever since. I'm sure there will be plenty more bird posts to come!

This is one of my absolute favorite birdy treasures. A dear friend of mine named Betty who is nearly 80 passed these salt & pepper shakers onto me when she moved into a smaller home. The are a Japanese porcelain. I love the way the birds hang on the little tree with a couple of tiny birds underneath.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Type me a Letter.

My hubby gave me this vintage typewriter bracelet for my birthday this year, & it has become my favourite accessory. There are some sellers on Etsy selling them for really good prices compared to the antique stores here. I love running my fingers over the smooth keys & thinking of all the words that were written when they were attached to a typewriter!

What's the Time Mr Wolf????

Another item I just had to have & searched high & low for......a Metamec Starburst Clock. I found this one at the Woolloongabba Antique Centre, Brisbane's most fabulous vintage treasure trove. It was sitting on a lower rack under a pile of stuff when I spotted those metal starbursts, & the price tag, & I smiled with relief . $40....Bargain! The rays are actually silver, not brass or gold as it looks in the photo. Isn't telling the time so much more fun when you have a pretty clock??

Retro Lamp Makeover

I've been on the hunt for one of these lamps for ages. I finally found one on ebay....going super cheap! It's in original condition from the 1950's, in full working order....Yipeeee! Only problem is I didn't really like the colour of the lamp shades. So project lamp shade was on, & I considered re-covering them in fabric, or painting them. I wanted to keep the original shape rather then replace them with something modern. So I ended up spray painting the shades, & for a total non-crafty person like me, I was pretty pleased with the results.
              The lamp before.....

     The lamp after......

        The lamp at work......

The Adventures of the Deer Antlers

I had been eying off Deer Antlers in various Antique stores & knew that I would love to have some myself. During our 2011 holiday to New Zealand, Mr P & I spent a night at a working farm on the South Island. We had a wonderful night in a cute cottage, & the next day our farm host took us for a tour of the farm while he fed the sheep & cattle. On our return he showed us the deer antlers he had collected. Feral deer are a pest in New Zealand, so he had quite a few antler trophy's from his hunting adventures. The farmer graciously offered us a pair, & then two, as I had hopes of bringing the second pair home for my girlfriend whom I knew would treasure them as much as me. It was certainly my most exciting souvenir from New Zealand, but the worry now was how to bring them back to Australia. We tried boiling the skull, but the gunk still wouldn't come off, & now the house smelt like chops! So my hubby labored with great difficulty, sawing through the skull. We brought the 4 antlers home in our suitcases, & after declaring them to customs & having them inspected we got one set through, as the other set weren't quite clean enough. I searched high & low for a plaque to screw the antlers into, & I found a lovely old carved one at my local op shop. With my Dad's help drilling, we finally got the antlers mounted. Now they sit in all their glory in our home. They are valued at $300, but they truly were one of the best gifts I've ever received....& I have no plans to sell them as they are priceless to me!

       The Farm

                 Farmer Allen with his biggest trophy.

                  My most exciting souvenir of the trip!

                Boiling the antlers.....all I can smell is chops!

My hubby gets down & dirty sawing the skull off the antlers in the hopes customs would allow them home.