Friday, 29 January 2016

80's does 50's Frock Friday

I bought this dress sometime last year at Salvos for $6. It was mid-calf length and I wasn't sure if I'd ever wear it, but I thought if I shortened it and created a belt with the off-cuts I might be more likely to wear it. It's a button front so it's handy for feeding. I quite like it now. Occasionally those dresses from the 80's hit the mark.

Outfit Details....

80's cotton dress - Op shopped
Wooden frame brooch - Made by me
NZ wooden hexagonal brooch - I feel Natty
Carved bangles - Op shopped
Handmade button ring - Made by me
Handmade bag - Gifted by Michelle of The Attic
Sandals - Op shopped
4 month old baby boy - Made him myself!

Friday, 15 January 2016

Boom Shankar Frock Friday

I very rarely go out wearing something that's not vintage, it feels kind of odd if I do. But there are some brands that I don't mind, like Dangerfield and Boom Shankar. I bought this dress from the Boom Shankar website. It's made from a stretch fabric and it's really comfortable. It's different from my usual vintage style but I kind of like it. 

Outfit Details....

Boom Shankar dress - Online sale
Wood stag necklace - Red Essy
Vintage rings - Op shopped
Chunky vintage bracelet - Gifted by blog friend Tam
Tooled leather bag - Op shopped
Shoes & Sunglasses - Retail

Here's some recent pics of our wee boy. 4 months old now and he's happy and thriving. 

Friday, 18 December 2015

White stripes

It was low tide down by the bay which isn't the prettiest, but it was a perfectly dreary day, the kind of weather I love (apart from the heat). I'm wearing a vintage cotton frock gifted by my dear blog friend Trudie of My Vintage Childhood. It's a fantastic frock with those big pockets, collar and a zip front. This entire outfit is gifted and thrifted. 

Outfit Details.....

Vintage frock & scarf - Gifted by truly scrumptious Trudie
Green belt - from another vintage frock
Vintage vinyl bag - Garage sale find
Green tree brooch - Gifted by sweet Vanessa
Green bling brooch - Gifted by my mum
Green bakelite bangles - Ebay
Brown bangle, vintage rings & shoes - Op shopped

Here's some recent pics of our darling boy who's 3 months old already!

Friday, 11 December 2015

My first made by me skirt

I must admit I'm feeling a bit bored by my clothing options at the moment. Breastfeeding means that my frock options are fewer then usual, so I figured I could use some more skirts in my wardrobe. I rarely wear skirts normally, as I carry some rolls on my belly so I feel more comfortable in frocks. I also tend to feel 'dressed down' in skirts. I plucked up the courage to sew my very first skirt, without a pattern and all. I roughly copied another A-line skirt that fits me well, and cut out this vintage fabric from my stash and sewed it up. Of course it required some ric-rac as a finishing touch. I hope to make some more simple skirts when I have the time and energy, although I'm yet to attempt adding a zip. 

Outfit Details.....

Skirt made by me with vintage fabric
Button necklace - Market find
Sarah Coventry ring - A gift from a dear friend
Silver vintage bracelet and green 70's handbag - Op shopped
Enamel flower brooch - Etsy
Shoes, sunglasses, singlet and vest - Retail

Friday, 4 December 2015

May your days be merry and bright

I've got to admit I'm missing my usual selection of frocks now that I'm breastfeeding. I can currently wear about a tenth of my collection, but at least I do have some that button or zip up. I bought this European cotton dress from Retro Metro at Paddington towards the end of my pregnancy because it has a zip front. Now that I'm no longer preggers it is a bit big on me, but I raised the hem up & made a belt from the offcuts so at least I can belt it in to fit. I added some ric-rac trim as well, because in my opinion ric-rac makes everything better. 

Outfit Details....

European vintage frock - Retro Metro @ Paddington
Embroidery hoop brooch - Made by me
Bangle & 2 vintage rings - Op shopped
Toaster cover patchwork bag - Gift from Miss J
Cardigan - Op shopped
Shoes & sunglasses - Retail

Here's some pics of our precious boy Tobias who is 12 weeks already!
He's such a sweet contented fellow. We are so blessed & absolutely adore him.

Friday, 13 November 2015

Throw it on Frock Friday

Frock Friday's consist of little planning at the moment. I attempt to get ready very quickly these days, as it takes so much longer to get out the door now I have a wee one to wrangle. I haven't been out much as my chronic illness has reared it's ugly head & all my energy is going to the daily needs of our little boy. It's not unexpected as the illness is known to get worse about 2 to 3 months after giving birth. I've just got to hope I come out the other end again in due time.

Outfit Details.....

Vintage frock - Shop on Carroll in Dunedin NZ
Blue bling brooch, silver bracelet & vintage bag - Op shopped
Ring & shoes - Retail

Here are some pics of our Tobias...he's 9 weeks old already! Smiling & utterly delightful.
Time is flying by so fast.