Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Tip shop treasures

Towards the end of last year I rediscovered our local tip shop. Ever since our landlords re-vamped our courtyard with a pergola and new plants recently I've been a bit obsessed with garden stuff. So when I spotted this old metal outdoor chair with the original vinyl cushions my heart skipped a beat....and when I asked the tip shop man how much for the chair he said $2. Okay with me! It goes perfectly with my other old metal stuff.

I also scored this huge anodized pot for $2. At one stage I had a lovely green one on the original stand that belonged to my Nana, but for some reason I gave it back to my folks when they moved, and much to my dismay I found out my Dad had chucked it out because it blew over in the wind.
Boo it was such a lovely old pot!

The coloured pot stand is from KMart and the white metal table is from Salvos, along with a $5 herb planter from Bunnings

Another tip shop find was this old concrete planter (above) for $1. I love the art deco styling.
Below is a macrame pot holder that my friend Miss J gave me for Christmas, along with some bunting that was made by Caroline of Sebelle

This bird cage stand was from the tip shop for $2. I know have 3 out there. As well as liking birds I do like old bird cage stands!

Another tip shop bird cage stand with a vintage lantern

Friday, 23 January 2015

Op shopped from my head to my toes

I've had this cotton shift dress in my collection for years now, it's a handmade number in a sturdy cotton fabric. I think this entire outfit is either op shopped or handmade. I found the leather sandals at a Red Cross shop for $10, and I'm wearing my favourite bird stamp pendant that Tam of A Treasured Past made for me with a vintage New Zealand stamp in green! She knows me so well!

Outfit Details....

Handmade 60's shift dress - Op shopped
Stamp necklace - Handmade by Tam of A Treasured Past
Tape measure brooch - Made by me
Vintage AAI charm bracelet - Garage sale
Teal ring - Madame Butterfly's in NZ
Toaster cover bag - Gifted by Miss J & converted to a bag by me
Sandals - Red Cross op shop
Sunglasses - Retail

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Cotton Cozzie & Other Finds

I saw this cotton swimsuit on a mannequin in a Red Cross op shop. I have a wee vintage swimsuit collection already, & I do wear them to the beach, but I don't have any original 50's cotton togs. I doubt these have ever been worn as they are in perfect condition. The shirring isn't stretched & the cotton is crisp & bright. They fit perfectly too thanks to that shirring & button straps. I don't know how practical cotton togs are to wear, but these were too special to leave behind.

My love of genie bottles started with one that belonged to my Nana.
I found this one for only 50cents

I was drawn to this colourful handmade container thingo. Someone has stored nails & screws in the butter containers & built a box to store them in. I love the old coloured plastic which I think is from the 1960's. I'm surprised it's survived as the plastic is quite delicate.

I had to add this square suitcase to my collection because of that lining

West German brand Emsa salt & pepper shakers

A little Diana Ware tulip vase

A sweet water jug from the 50's or 60's

That's all for now, although I have a backlog of finds to fact most of these are from last year!

Friday, 16 January 2015

In the maze of my imagination

This is one of my favourite cotton frocks, I guess I have many a few favourites. I think it cost me $3, and it belonged to an elderly lady who never got rid of anything. She hoarded a lifetime of clothing. She made this one and it just happens to be a perfect fit on me. Don't you love it when that happens!

Outfit Details......

60's handmade dress - Op shopped
Enamel flower brooch - From my childhood
Tape measure bangles - Mrs Robinsons in NZ
Vintage button ring - Made by me
Crochet bag - Retro Metro
Shoes and sunglasses - Retail

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Thrifty Kitschy

I have a love of old kitsch stuff. It can come in many shapes & forms, but I guess I'm particularly drawn to deers & birds, with a dash of squirrels & cats or some other cute animal. I don't like to limit myself!
Here are some of my kitschier finds of late, including this amazing cuckoo clock that I found for $5. It's a pretty big one, & although it's missing it's pendulum I still love it. (It's the 6th clock on my wall....I seem to have become a crazy clock woman!)

I couldn't refuse this sweet cat, although it may be missing a lid. I'm using her to store my makeup pencils.

A couple of teeny deer

This brooch was handmade by someone at a market

A little Octoberfest brooch with gorgeous detail for its size

Plastic swanny

And an odd set of faux wood/plastic squirrels?

And finally this kitschy cute wall bird which is hanging in our bedroom

When the kitsch gets a hold of you it's a hard itch to scratch!